House of LVA

Be True to Style.



House of LVA was founded in 2015 by architect and designer Adaezé Cadet in Beverly Hills. Born out of her passion for all things design, she reignited her love of creating clothes, after 9 years in the architecture industry, when she started competing in an annual charity fashion show between top architecture and interior design firms.  The name LVA stands for "Le Vrai Adaezé" which is French for "The True Adaezé".  She chose that name because this brand is a place where she can truly express her designs without the necessary restrictions in architecture. Before starting House of LVA she designed buildings in the corporate, high-end multifamily residential and hospitality sectors. Currently she is working on a five star hotel and residences on Los Angeles' famous Sunset Strip as well as a 400+ unit condo building in the new Candlestick Point neighborhood in San Francisco. 

The House of LVA brand focus on creating pieces that are true to an elegant style, balancing classic silhouettes with high fashion trends. Adaezé designs each piece using her unique architectural background to play with proportions and scale and to select eye-catching prints. All garments are made to order and we offer custom sizes in select pieces. 

True to Style.

I create timeless pieces with a modern flare inspired by my architectural style
— Adaezé Cadet